Get Fit Eat Cupcakes Accelerated!

"Before I would've gone all hard-core with short restrictive bursts, now I'm making slow and steady permanent lifestyle changes."

"I'm very happy with my weight loss, I'm motivated to continue, I feel more energetic and so much better"

Do You Wonder If You'll Ever Find

The Perfect Exercise and Nutrition Routine?

It's time, or is aren't sure... but you know your breaking point must be coming, right?  It's been far too long that you've been neglecting yourself, you're not happy with how you feel or how you look.  Your weight,'s crept up 10-40 pounds worth, not only do you hate it cause your clothes don't fit, you're actually starting to worry about your health. 


"I'm the heaviest I've ever been, and I'm only getting older so WTF am I going to look like in another 5 years..."


If you can relate to some of these statements, congrats, you're normal.

  • "I can't do the workouts I used to do"

  • "I don't want to be so obsessive like I was before"

  • "I don't want to dedicate all my time to meal prep and exercise"

"I snack too much"

  • "I don't want to have to follow something super structured"

  • "I've tried diet plans and didn't see any results"

  • "The gym, ugh...just...NO"

  • "A diet plan? also NO"

"I give a low priority to my own needs"

  • "I don't want to do any crazy workouts"

  • "I've done this before, I commit and then I quit"

  • "I just don't know how to stay motivated"

"I sabotage myself and I don't know why"

  • "I start and I stop"

  • "I don't know where to start"

  • "I don't know what to do"

"There's health problems in my family, I'm scared that will be me too"

You wonder if there's anything actually out there that will help you...

Looking for the right fitness and nutrition routine is like looking for a life partner -  It has to tick some serious boxes in order to even be considered.

" I just want to do some sort of regular exercise, make good choices and feel better about myself"


Knowing what you don't want is half the battle, sticking to your guns and not caving into good looks is another story.

"I just want something sustainable for the long term, to feel strong, fit, drink my wine and have a good time"

Like a life partner, a good fit does exist.

You're scared of trying again and failing, but you can't stay here

  • Be motivated to workout​

  • Stick to a routine

  • Make conscious choices

  • Have a routine that's easy to follow

  • Keep your wine, chocolate or biscuits cause they make you happy!

  • A cardio plan that you look forward to

  • See progress!

  • Workout at home

  • Long term, sustainable changes

  • Feel and look better

" I felt hopeless in the beginning, now I have direction and guidance, and it hasn’t felt like a chore or punishment"

You know if you're going to do this it CAN'T Feel hard

  • You want some sort of regular exercise routine in your life.


  • The idea of "formalized exercise" is not really appealing, but you know you have to "use it, or you'll lose it" when it comes to your strength.

  • Snacking? Yeah, that's a "problem area" but you have no idea how to fix that either.


  • It's not like you're a total blob, you do some activity like walking, maybe some yoga or stretching, but it's not enough.


  • You've enjoy some weights and cardio in the past, but the problem is sticking with it.

  • You've tried other diet plans, but didn't see any results.


  • You've lost weight in the past but it was counting calories and restrictions

Which is why I created Get Fit Eat Cupcakes Accelerated! 

"I resented that I needed to start dedicating time to "self care".  I never needed to in the past, I was always happy with how I felt and how I looked but as I've gotten older things have changed." 

"I want to wear dresses!  Feel confident, happy, and proud" 

"I want simple workouts I can easily do at home"

"I want to put myself first and not feel guilty about it"


"I used to get into this restrictive mindset, now I'm reminding myself I can have what I want, just be reasonable"


"Work was always more important that working out, but now I look forward to ending my workday with a workout."

"I feel happier about doing the workouts, my thought patterns are changing"


"I embrace going home for a workout, I don’t always push myself, but I still do them"

"Pasta is bad - that's how I used to look at foods, as good vs bad, now I see them as macros and calories."

"I used to look at the scale as the ONLY part of success, now I remember that's it's only PART of it. 

"I had no idea I could drink my wine and lose weight"

"I have Heather in my head saying "you can still eat it, just have part of it"

"I felt like I had to do everything myself, I can now either ask for help or let it go."


"I would always put my needs aside, and feel guilty if I didn't help others, I feel so much better being able to honour my own needs." 

"I need to jump in and help - that's how I used to feel, now I can look over and say "no, they can handle it", and keep doing what I need to be doing.




This 24 week fitness and nutrition coaching program will get you fitting back into those favourite clothes, back to a weight you felt best at, have you feeling energized, successful and confident about maintaining it!


  • Private dashboard access to 9 Modules to get you Confident in starting back, give you the exercises and food choices you need to to start losing weight without overhauling your diet.

  • Get Fit Eating Guide -  What to eat and when to maximize results 

  • Over a dozen home workouts broken into lower body, upper body and core 

  • Get Fit Workout Guide 

  • 12 Bi-weekly Private Coaching Sessions

You Will:

√ Start feeling more energized, lose weight and get past that plateau 

√ Learn Exactly When To Eat The Carbs You Love And Still Get Fit

√ Learn The Right Exercises To Gain More Definition

√ Keep Your Nutrition Plan Simple And Enjoyable

√ Enjoy The Foods You Love And Get Lean 

√ Snack Consciously And Get Fit

√ Stay Consistent and Motivated To Reach Your Goals

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