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Get Fit Eat Cupcakes Accelerated - online course with
bi-monthly personal coaching


What if you could feel strong, fit, confident, peaceful and calm,
day after day?

Get Fit Eat Cupcakes Accelerated is proven nutrition, fitness and lifestyle online coaching program where you’ll learn how to eat with freedom and success, exercise with motivation  and consistency, and live with peace, calm and joy.

Calorie Count

"Before I would've gone all hard-core with short restrictive bursts, now I'm making slow and steady permanent lifestyle changes."

"I'm very happy with my weight loss, I'm motivated to continue, I feel more energetic and so much better"

K.H - Edmonton

You have fun and meaningful things to do, and you want to be healthy, fit and have a great mindset to keep you going.

Whether you’ve been on a long break from putting yourself first with healthy eating and working out, or you just can’t seem to stay consistent, here’s the one thing you need to know,

"The most successful results come from learning what gets in your way, and when you can do that, you can achieve anything!"

Many of my clients don’t know where to start, and if that’s you too, Get Fit, Eat Cupcakes has the entire road map laid out so you can achieve both the mindset and physique of your dreams.

Are you ready to improve the most important asset of your life?  (that asset being yooooouuuu)

If you've ever thought to yourself,

"I'm the heaviest I've ever been, and I'm only getting older so WTF am I going to look like in another 5 years..."


"There's health problems in my family, I'm scared that will be me too."


" I don't want an overhaul, I want my results to last long term."


"I need to start making my health a priority, but I don't know where to start."


"My body feels like it's falling apart and I have no energy, I want to start doing the things I enjoy." 

You aren't alone, it can be hard to make a commitment to working out and eating healthier when there is so much going in life. 


Often people put off a fitness routine or nutrition plan because they are either overwhelmed or, they don't know what to do.  


"With Get Fit Eat Cupcakes Accelerated, you will go step by step, and implement small changes to improve your nutrition and fitness, you'll go at the pace that's right for you, while having the help of me, as your coach to stay committed and accountable."

Heather Layton - Fitness Coach Edmonton

"I used to get into this restrictive mindset, now I'm reminding myself I can have what I want, just be reasonable.  Work was always more important that working out, but now I look forward to ending my workday with a workout."

K.H - Edmonton​

Sunanda Bhattacharya Profile Photo.jpg

"I would always put my needs aside, and feel guilty if I didn't help others, I feel so much better being able to honour my own needs." 

"I have learned a lot about nutrition, exercise, and staying motivated and how all of these work together to give us the results we want to see."


"Once I made decision and put it into action, I saw the results in a day or two."

Sunanada Bhattacharya - HR Consulting Edmonton

By the end of this program,
you’ll have mastered:


How To Make Yourself A Priority

You'll be saying "I don't need to worry about this right now, I can take time for myself and everything will be just fine" 



Self-Control With Snack Foods

"I don't worry about my snacking anymore, I snack in a way that keeps me the weight I want to be at."



Motivation To Eat Healthy And Workout

"I actually look forward to my workouts when I get home from work, even eating healthier seems easy."



How To Create Sustainable Results

"All the tools I have makes taking care of my health easy, I love how I look and feel now."



Make Reasonable, And Enjoyable Food Choices

"I'm mindful now, I allow myself the food I enjoy in a way that supports my health. I don't worry about my weight."

How Long Will It Take To See Results?

You know that the longer you stick with something the greater the results, you know that crash diets produce results and aren’t sustainable, but I can tell you some of the client successes.

In as little as 90 minutes, I had a client implement the strategy for improving nutrition and they lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks.


“I’ve learned to feel satisfied, the tools helped me measure the right quantity to eat, and helps me think about better balancing nutrition.  I am exercising regularly with increased intensity, I am down 10 pounds as of this morning.”  K.S

Get Fit, Eat Cupcakes Accelerated Will Transform Your Relationship With Food And Exercise


Personal Fitness Trainer Edmonton

"I feel happier about doing the workouts, my thought patterns are changing"


"I embrace going home for a workout, I don’t always push myself, but I still do them"

"Pasta is bad - that's how I used to look at foods, as good vs bad, now I see them as macros and calories."

"I had no idea I could drink my wine and lose weight"


6 Monthly Payments


One-Time Payment


What's Inside
Get Fit, Eat Cupcakes Accelerated


Motivation And Consistency

Say goodbye to feeling all over the place, unfocused, and unmotivated.  Flip your mindset 7 times faster, by learning exactly what to do to boost your desire and joy.  We'll cover the following topics:

  • How to get the focus back on your health and fitness goals 

  • How to get laser focused and see results.  

  • How to honour your own word with health goals 

  • 2 Methods to re-energize you and get back on track  

  • Are your goals to simple? or to hard to be effective?  

  • 7 Steps To Being Calm and Confident With Your Goals 

The Modules


Flexible Eating 

You will never yoyo diet again.  Lose weight, feel energized, enjoy the foods you love in a way that fully supports your health.  Sustain you're new weight loss within an average 4% for the long term! 

Topics include:

  • Flexible Eating  

  • Pairing the right foods together

  • Heathy Eating When Your Meal Plan Falls Apart  

  • Simple, Healthy Snacks​


From feeling discouraged, to proud and motivated to continue, you'll learn fitness KPI's and see results you weren't even aware were happening.


  • Staying Motivated When You Feel Like Nothing's Working 

  •  When cardio can inhibit fat loss

  •  The "afterburn" it's not what you think

  • Ideal workout schedule


Why The F@#k Did I Just Eat That?

We've included our most popular mini course! If you've ever thought "If I could just stop snacking I'd lose weight" or "I'm eating and I'm not even hungry"  You can reduce unwanted eating by up to 90%.

Topics include

  • 4-Step System - Gain clarity on why you're reaallly snacking

  • Create motivating alternatives  ​

  • "In the moment", how to make better decisions 

  • Industry Insight - why you can't stop at one bite


The Home Workout Series

Don't know where to start?  Let me guide you, you'll learn proper technique, muscle targeting, you'll get stronger and ready for more, no gym equipment needed.

  • 16 at home workouts 

  • 4 lower body

  • 4 upper body

  • 4 part Pilates

  • Advanced Core Training

Here's What
You Get


The Entire Get Fit, Eat Cupcakes System

>  To take you from where to start with fitness and nutrition, all the way to achieving the strongest, fittest, best version of yourself in every way.

The Video Library

>  All the info you need, step by step to create your new lifestyle in a simple, enjoyable way.

Worksheet Library

>  Downloadable pdfs to help you solidify your learning, and implement you new habits.

The Road Map To Continued Success

>  Continue on through your fitness journey with the tools and skills to support long term success.  



Included In The Modules For Even Faster And More Sustainable Results

  Recipes that fall perfectly into the ideal nutrient make up

  > The Entire Get Fit Eating Guide including:

3 Tips For Fitting In Your Fav Treats!

4 Quick Tips For Putting Healthy Meals Together 

Over a Dozen meal recipes

  Progress checklists to ensure you've missed NOTHING


  > Easy to fil out charts to see your progress

  > The 95% fail proof technique

  > Apps which ones you should use 

  > Top 5 Cardio programs ​​

  > The Heart Rate Formula - where should you be?

  > "The Strength Training Guide" ​



" I just want to do some sort of regular exercise, make good choices and feel better about myself"

This 24 week fitness and nutrition coaching program will get you fitting back into those favourite clothes, back to a weight you felt best at, have you feeling energized, successful and confident about maintaining it!


  • Private dashboard access to Modules to get you Confident in starting back, give you the exercises and food choices you need to to start losing weight without overhauling your diet.

  • Get Fit Eating Guide -  What to eat and when to maximize results 

  • Over a dozen home workouts broken into lower body, upper body and core 

  • Get Fit Workout Guide 

  • 12, 30 minute Bi-weekly Private Coaching Sessions

You Will:

>  Start feeling more energized, lose weight and get past that plateau 

>  Learn Exactly When To Eat The Carbs You Love And Still Get Fit

>  Learn The Right Exercises To Gain More Definition

>  Keep Your Nutrition Plan Simple And Enjoyable

>  Enjoy The Foods You Love And Get Lean 

>  Snack Consciously And Get Fit

>  Stay Consistent and Motivated To Reach Your Goals

Are You Ready?

To become strong, energized, confident and be the absolute BEST version of yourself?

Let's start!

6 Monthly Payments


One-Time Payment


I'm interested! but I need more info!

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