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Lose Weight Eat Cupcakes!

You used to exercise and  eat healthy but that seems to be so long ago.  The weight has crept up over the years an you can't seem to find a a nutrition and fitness plan you can stick to.   


This 24 week program will get you back to feeling good about yourself, eating healthier, being more active and following through with the commitments you make to yourself!

It is NOT an overhaul, or a diet plan so you don't have to worry about signing up for another program and be worried you'll fail at it too!

What's Included:

  • 12 Biweekly Private Coaching Sessions​​​​ 

  • Private dashboard access to modules including video and pdf tutorials.

  • How To Get Motivated To Exercise When You Really Don't Feel Like It.

  • How To Eat Healthy When You Have ZERO Desire.

  • How To Stay Consistent Once You've Started With Nutrition And Exercise Routines. 

  • What Foods To Pair Together For Weight Loss.

  • How To Stop Snacking And Feeling Guilty. 


You Will:


√ Learn Why You Set Goals And Don't Follow Through With Them.

√ Enjoy The Foods You Love And Still Lose Weight.

√ Rebuild Your Core Strength - 4 Part Pilates Based Video Series.

√ Make Conscious Food Choices Instead of Snacking And Feeling Guilty.

√ Do Things You Enjoy Instead Of Eating Mindlessly.

√ Start Honouring The Commitments You Make To Yourself​​.

Get Fit Eat Cupcakes!

You've been working out for a while and eating fairly healthy but you can't seem to lose the last 10-15 pounds.

This 24 week program will to fit back into those favourite clothes and be back to your old self, feeling great and energized!


  • Private dashboard access to 9 Modules to get you Confident in the exercises and food choices you need to do to break that plateau without overhauling your diet.

  • Get Fit Eating Guide -  What to eat and when to maximize results 

  • Over a dozen home workouts broken into lower body, upper body and core 

  • Get Fit Workout Guide 

  • 12 Bi-weekly Private Coaching Sessions

You Will:

√ Get past that plateau 

√ Learn Exactly When To Eat The Carbs You Love And Still Get Fit

√ Learn The Right Exercises To Gain More Definition

√ Keep Your Nutrition Plan Simple And Enjoyable

√ Enjoy The Foods You Love And Get Lean 

√ Snack Consciously And Get Fit

√ Stay Consistent and Motivated To Reach Your Goals

Discover Your Full Fitness Potential And Eat Cupcakes.

You've been working out for a while and have maintained a physique you've been happy with for the most part.  There's some area's you wonder if you could tweak a little more and you wonder "how good could I really look?"

This 16 week program will give you tools to discover how lean you can really  get without adding more gym time, doing crazy amounts of cardio or a competition diet.


  • 8 Bi-weekly private coaching sessions

  • Private dashboard access to modules with video and pdfs

  • A systematic approach to getting leaner and more defined

  • Tools to measure your success and keep you focused on getting leaner

  • Motivational tools keep you on track

  • Tools to help you avoid sabotaging yourself with food

You will:

√ Learn What Foods Are Perfect For Your Body To Get Lean And Defined

√ Understand Where You Sabotage Yourself And Why

√ Enjoy The Process Without Feeling Deprived Or Low On Energy

√ Have The Tools To Maintain Results

Why The F@#k Did I Just Eat That? 
 How To Stop Snacking
And Feeling Guilty

You want to lose weight, get fit or even just maintain where you are, but no matter how hard you try you can't control your snacking.  

In this mini online course you will learn why you snack, why you mindlessly eat and exactly what you need to do so you can make a conscious choice and stop feeling guilty. 


  • Private dashboard access to videos and pdfs

You Will:

√ Learn Why You Impulsively Reach For Snacks And How To Stop

√ Understand Why You Can't Seem To Say No Once You've Started

√ Snack Reasonably, Easily

√ Enjoy The Snacks You Really Love


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