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Fitness And Nutrition Coaching Services In Edmonton 

The #1 Reason You Lose Motivation To Workout And Eat Healthy

Do you have these complaints?

  • "I've tried everything and nothing works"

  • "I'm inconsistent"

  • "I get off to a great start and then something happens and I get derailed"

  • "I just can't stay motivated"

  • "I eat mostly well and then I screw it all up"

Ask yourself...

Have you ever REALLY had a fitness and nutrition routine that you enjoyed?  

One that felt like it complimented your life style? and didn't feel like it took away from it, or added stress or sacrifice?

Most of the time the answer NO.

And if you did have one, you're probably saying to yourself, "it worked before, why doesn't it work now"?


Here's the thing about most nutrition plans, THEY SUCK, and why do they suck?  Well, because they're like wearing plaid shirts when you HATE plaid.

The key to finding the best sustainable weight loss diet

When it comes to a workout and diet plan for sustainable weight loss, it has to fit your "style".  It's no different than the clothes you wear, the shoes you buy or the car you drive, you choose all of those things based on what you like, and what you like, is often related to how you live your life.

If you don't like high heels, skinny jeans, 3/4 length shirts or plaid, why would you buy any of them?  You might be thinking "but I have, I have bought things I didn't like". Look I've been there, I bought a plaid shirt I didn't love, somehow thinking that "I'd learn to love it" or thinking that I'd just "make it work", ya...neither of those things worked and it sat in my closet until I finally donated it.

That's exactly what happens when you adopt a nutrition plan that doesn't fit your style.  You either won't do it or it won't last.

You know more or less what you look good in and what you don't, and for me... if a nutrition plan was a plaid shirt,  I DEFINITELY wouldn't choose it. I don't like plaid shirts, and no matter how many times I look for fashion on Pinterest and see a woman who totally rocks a plaid shirt, I know that it's just not for me, I've been there, tried it, on more than one occasion, and the end result is always the same unpleasant one.

Ask yourself "what nutrition plans are your version of a plaid shirt"? and what do you need to do to say NO to it?

Finding The Perfect Nutrition Plan
Is Like Looking For 
The Perfect Black Flat

Remember the last time you were on the hunt for something very specific? like a simple black flat, you'd hope it would've been easy but it wasn't, and it took looking in countless store windows and a lot of trying on until you found the perfect ones that became your "go to" shoe.

Oh...and out of curiosity how many times did you blame yourself when the shoe didn't fit?  Yeah, you read that right.  You likely didn't blame yourself at all, yet how often you have blamed yourself for not being able to stick to a nutrition plan?

It's not you, it's the shoe.

So how do you find the best diet for sustained weight loss?

Know what you don't want.

If you love carbs and don't want to part with them, DON'T do the Keto diet, it's not the "right style" for you.  You will resent seeing and smelling those cinnamon buns and hot out of the oven pizza.

If you DON'T love to cook, and don't like regular grocery shopping and don't want to be limited to eat just whole, natural foods DON'T do the Paleo diet, it's not the "right style" for you.  You will resent the time it takes you away from other things you'd rather be doing.

I know it can be hard to believe that there's another way to achieve the results you want while enjoying the foods you love, but there is a way and you've stumbled upon the possibility here.

Have a question about fitness and nutrition coaching services in Edmonton?  Click here!

Find a style that fits your life

How To Be Motivated And
Consistent With A Fitness Plan


First, you need to know how to get motivated to exercise, and for that, you need a RGFR ,"Really Good Fucking Reason".  Yup, you need a really good reason for wanting to be fit, otherwise, why would you spend time on it?

Finding a RGFR isn't always easy, sometimes you have to really dig deep, and I know that isn't always fun.

Ask yourself this question:

What is your health and fitness purpose? 


You probably have a career purpose, a reason, likely meaningful for doing the career you're doing, whether you're a stay at home parent, self employed or work for someone else, but what is your health and fitness purpose? 


Why is it important to you to be healthy and fit?

You know that wanting to “lose weight” or “look good” is not going to sustain you long term, and why? Because, you... just aren’t that shallow. 


Some of my clients "really good fucking reasons" have looked like these:

  • "Right now I feel left out because my friends go do activities together that I can't do.  I want to be fit enough to go do them too"

  • "I want to have fun and spend time with my kids playing, but I'm too out of shape to keep up with them, I just want to be able to do more things with them".

  • "I hate having to ask other people for help to lift things, I want to be strong enough to do things myself".

  • "Life is short and I don't want to be limited to experience things because I'm out of shape, I want to be able to grab an opportunity any time and go do it!" 

  • "I want to be a good role model for my kids, I want them to grow up healthy and strong and never feel limited because of their health"


When you finally get the physique you want, visualize your new life...what is life like for you? 


How are you different? 


What are you doing that you weren't doing before?


What positive impact are you having on important people in your life?


Once you discover a meaningful reason to be fit, how to make exercise a habit is way easier.  Staying motivated to workout becomes effortless, working out becomes just part of your day without the mental struggle.

What's the best workout for longer consistency?


One that does the following:

  • Fit into your life – Often we think we are setting "reasonable" goals, but if it was in fact reasonable, you'd be doing it.  Life is stressful enough, if a routine adds more stress to you, then it won’t work.   ​

  • Be enjoyable  – if the idea of working out doesn't inspire you, or you're feeling a lack or motivation from your usual routine, you could be stuck in a belief that working out has to be a specific way, and that specific way usually shows up with "I should" or "have to".

  • "I have to workout 3-5 times of a week"

  • "I should do high intensity intervals"

  • "I have to do workout for at least 45 minutes"

  • "I should do full body workouts"


Ditch what you think you "should" do and ask yourself a simple question


 "What Am I Willing To Do"?

How to motivated and consistent with a fitness plan

Be Fit, Love Food and Enjoy Life


If you are ready for any of the following, let's chat:

  • A routine that fits into your life instead of stressing you out.

  • A nutrition plan that allows you to still enjoy the food and drinks you love without feeling like you have to sacrifice.

  • Lose weight, get lean and defined. 

  • To be confident that you're making the right choices to reach your goals.

  • Consistent and motivated to achieve your goals, so your results last a lifetime.

Click below and book a free call with me today!


Heather Layton - Nutrition Coach Edmonton

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