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Fitness and Food Freedom Coach

Hi, I'm Heather Layton.  I've combo-ed my certifications in Personal Training and Life Coaching, because getting fit and staying there, isn't about having the perfect fitness program or nutrition plan, it's about being smart with your goals, workouts and managing your life so you're happy doing all the things that are important to you.  

Heather Layton has been fit and weighed the same weight for most of her life.  She used the traditional methods of cutting calories and doing lots of cardio and was able to stick to a fairly consistent routine, but now…she takes a completely different approach to setting fitness and nutrition goals. After losing her first husband of 15 years, life fell apart, and so did the healthy eating.  Comfort eating and drinking took control of her life and no amount of working out was going to prevent her clothes becoming too tight.  She knew what she needed to do to get her fitness back, but just couldn’t do it.  She felt hopeless; everything that worked before…wasn’t going to work now.  By using a completely different approach, Heather got back to healthy eating, got leaner, stronger and placed 4th in her first fitness competition, by working out less, eating more and… still eating cupcakes!

Treats are fun!  Food is fun!  How does cutting fun out of your diet seem like a good idea?  

Food represents some pretty important things; joy, connection, comfort, adventure, and my goal is to help you get fit, be confident and consistent with your health and fitness goals and still eat cupcakes!

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Some Myths About Getting Lean

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Calories in = Calories out.  You need to burn more calories than you eat.  My Response? "Um, no way"

1.  "Say "Hi" to hormones please.  Hormones can fluctuate and are impacted by things like aging and stress, you aren't always in control of this and it can put a huge halt on fat loss no matter how much you're working out.

2.  If you're weight lifting you need to eat more calories than you burn not less (this is called "Reverse Dieting", yes, it's a thing)   I know you might freak out about this, I did too.  But here's the thing, your body responds to cardio and weights differently in respect to burning calories.  Muscle tissue needs to be fed in order to grow and get defined for you, kinda like kittens, puppies and kids.  If you're not feeding them enough, their growth will be stunted.