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Do You Want To Get Back In Shape, But You Want To Ease Into It?


Soooo maybe it's been a few years that you've sidelined an exercise routine. Maybe you've been focused on your career, family or other things just got in the way, but you've gained weight, your clothes are uncomfortable, you feel tired and maybe even weak.  You really aren't as happy as you want to be, and your bigger concern?  How am I going to look and feel in a few more years if I don't do something now?


You want to make changes but you aren't really sure how.  One thing is for sure though,

You know what you don't want 

  • no hard core workouts - you just aren't interested right now.

  • no gym - it's the whole thing, the drive, changing, planning for it, it's just too much

  • no restrictive diets - you've been there, and sure you've had results, but they weren't sustainable, and... it wasn't fun.  

  • nothing that could make you start obsessing about calories or workouts - you want balance in your life, calm and ease.

You want to


  • get back into some strength training, but at home.

  • have a plan to follow

  • have some instruction to make sure your doing it right.

  • start one step at a time - no overhauls

  • have someone to hold you accountable       

And what you really want is to

  • feel good in nice clothes again

  • be strong and confident

  • have the energy and strength to do things you enjoy

  • be active with your partner​

  • be healthy, happy and proud​

Well, here's how we can help!

Our Programs


What you need to know:

Our personal training programs are specifically geared toward becoming confident enough to workout on your own - we don't just ditch you after a certain period of time, we give you the support to become accountable to yourself, and we are here, for as long as you need us.


Here's the technical part you get:

  • a personalize training program based on your goals, skills/abilities, and time you have.

  • one on personal training sessions done virtually or in person depending on location. 

  • updates and changes to your program

  • (optional) communication with your chiro, physio, or other healthcare professional to ensure the programs are all in alignment with your needs 

Here's the non-technical - the self accountability component.

Where personal training typically falls short - it doesn't teach the skills for long term motivation.  Great, you learn all about how to do exercises to maximize results, the perfect plan to get you losing weight, but what about when you lose motivation to keep up with the plan?  

Coaching is how we help clients quit the cycle of starting and stopping. 


Not only will you get the right workouts based on your goals, lifestyle and abilities (physical limitations/injuries) You learn strategies to boost your motivation and get back on track with your routines, not just fitness but healthy eating too.



"I really enjoy working out with Heather because she has a brilliant repertoire of exercises that are never boring, but simple enough to add to workouts on my own.  She is diligent on teaching you what proper form looks and feels like and giving constant, constructive feedback to prevent injury and to get maximum results from your effort. She has this fantastic ability to gently motivate – always with an eye on improvement and goals– to get you though a challenging workout."


K. Walker – Interior Designer

"The benefits of working out extend beyond the physical and can also improve your state of mind.  I have often gone into a workout with my mind cluttered with work or tired from routine and with no focus.  Heather always draws my attention to my workout and reminds me why I am there.  I love when I’ve finish my workout with my mind being less cloudy, more focused, and my thoughts more organized.  That feeling carries through the rest of my day with the common anxieties of everyday life greatly reduced.  Heather plans such great workouts for me that even though I am physically tired I am invigorated and mentally refreshed.  Thank you Heather!"

M. Chapman - G.M

Take the next step to learn how we can help be fit, strong and confident and book a consultation

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