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Heather Layton Best Selling Author, Public Speaker, Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Life Coach

Hey It's Heather,


HonestIy, I find "about" pages weird to write, and often boring, just wanted you to know.

Currently I'm 41, and have lived in Edmonton AB all of my life.  I never intended to stay this long but this city is pretty effing cool especially when you love parks, trails and you're an entrepreneur (so many like minded individuals who just want to support each other). 

I'd been fairly fit all of my life, never had a weight problem, and never had a problem reaching goals...all of that ease lasted until my 30's, then everything changed.

Let's begin, It's story time...


It seems as though my life choices are guided by guys.  When I was 18 I met "bodybuilder guy", we start lifting weights together for the next couple of years.  During this time, I went to school to study music but continued to notice that my workouts always came first.


Eventually I met another guy, "Athletic guy" who's ex-girlfriend was a marathon runner, ridiculously believing that I needed to complete with "ex-girlfriend" I took up running and of course went right to signing up for a marathon (that was 2001, finished it and still haven't done another one).  "Athletic Guy" and I ran together, hit the gym together and did everything else together for the next 15 years (more on that later).


I then decided "wouldn't it be cool to teach people how to workout?" and found there was such a thing.  I went back to school for another 2 years to get a diploma in "Personal Fitness Training", meanwhile I had a cushy government job as a Letter Carrier that I assumed somehow I'd be keeping until I retired...


Fast forward some years later where I quit my day job.


I had everything I wanted, good pay, my own route, 4 weeks paid holiday, great benefits, but I wasn't happy.  I wasn't happy because what I had, was everything I was "supposed" to want. Through all the lecturing from friends and family about leaving a reliable job, I still knew what I truly wanted, I quit and became a full-time personal trainer. 


I was excited to help people be fit, and I expected people would do what I told them, I mean why wouldn't they, they're coming to me for help...LOL wow, yeah that was then.  On top of the fact that my beliefs about how to get fit were way off.  My belief was that to stay lean you need to do straight up cardio, then of course you needed to watch the f#$K what you ate, I mean indulge a little, be don't be stupid about it, and walk the f#$k away after, have some will power for god sakes.

I never understand the "all talk no action type".  the kind of client who would constantly say "I want to lose weight" but wouldn't do any of the workout and nutrition plans I had prescribed.  I thought they just didn't want to admit that losing weight wasn't that important to them.

Yeah, oops, I was a touch wrong on ALL of THAT! 

Something was clearly missing, my clients didn't understand why they couldn't stick to a plan and neither did I.

Again, I was un fulfilled, I needed to know how to really help people change their life.  After 4 years of training and managing a fitness studio, I left to start my own business and, I was on a mission to find out how to motivated and inspire people to be consistent on their own.

The only way to be a great trainer, was to become a life coach.


I found CTI  (the Coaches Training Institute).  It would be a year commitment to, but by the end I would know exactly to help people in short Be Fit, Love Food and Enjoy Life, I mean seriously, how amazing would that be?  And it was, I became a certified life coach in 2013 and changed my business plan.

And got totally messed up.

I lost my first husband of 15 years my life completely fell a part. I had no idea what I wanted for my life or even how to go on.  It was seriously awful.

That loss took my emotional eating to a whole new level, it was bad news, no amount of working out was helping and jeans weren't something I could fit into anymore.  I became the worst version of myself and said to myself, "I'm a fat, binge eating personal trainer and a depressed life coach" ya, I needed to get my life back STAT.

There was still a slight problem though, I refused, like totally REFUSED to give up my comfort foods, so I wasn't sure how this "get my life back thing" was going to work, but the life coach in me showed up and advised a solution that was so easy I couldn't NOT do it.


Time to do things a completely different way

After lots of nerding out in the psychology and nutrition department, I began to understand how to let go of my comfort foods in simple ways.  Through reading more on nutrition for fitness goals, I  decided that the way to getting into kick ass shape was by allowing food in, not by cutting it out, through a combination of Flexible and Reverse Dieting. 

Let's test this new idea out

I had put off doing a fitness competition for 20 years because I was afraid of "the diet" (fyi, the fear part was a message I didn't have a good relationship with food).  To realize I didn't need to cut anything out of my diet, was shocking. To see my full physical potential without feeling like I had to sacrifice, was mind blowing. 


I placed 4th in my first competition, I felt strong, confident and I trusted my method! 

Are you ready to lose weight, get fit and eat cupcakes?

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