"Why The F@#k Did I Just Eat That?"
How to Stop Snacking and Feel Better! 

Do you feel like you can’t control your snacking no matter how hard you try?

If you’ve ever thought to yourself

“If I could just stop snacking I’d be able to lose weight.” 

“I eat well during the day, but I can’t help snacking when I get home.” 


“I’m eating and I’m not even hungry. I have no will power” 


“I’m so tired and frustrated, I just want to feel good in my body again.” 

You are not the first to think these things nor will you be the last. Gaining control over your snacking habits can be hard due to a lack of understanding of why you’re snacking. 


Don’t worry! I can help with that! Learn how to take control of your snacking in as little as 2 hours in this mini-course! 


“I wanted control over my snacking, that's what I got and way more!" 

- Patti Hauighan - Retired Nurse


"Heather gives a great deal with this course, and I truly appreciate it,

it turned out to be enlightening in ways

I hadn't even considered" 

- Amanda Gammel, Event Director/Assistant Sales Manager


The “Why the F@#k Did I Just Eat That” mini-course helps you regain your power over food by 


  • Teaching you why you snack in a way that is easy to understand, positive, and supportive

  • Teaching you a step by step process to develop healthy snack habits that make you feel good 

  • Giving you lifetime access to tools that will (literally) last you a lifetime 


This course doesn’t teach you to remove snacks you enjoy from your diet like chips or chocolate. This course will teach you how to incorporate these tasty treats into your diet in a way that makes you feel good, rather than making you feel guilty. 

With this course, you’ll uncover why you snack and come out with strategies to manage your snacking in the long term! 

Check out this video to learn more about
“Why the F@#K Did I Just Eat That?” 

" I realized there was a combination of reasons for my snacking, it made me aware of things I hadn't even considered"

- Amanda Gammel

What's Included

Access anywhere

Work at your own pace

Written and video content

Tools you can use as often as you'd like for life!

Plus, get instant access to:

Food industry trickery


5 secret strategies to getting fit and making it last


10 quick snack ideas (including my famous Banana Caramel Muffins)


6 smoothie recipes designed for weight loss


The 95% Fail Proof Technique!

Why The F@#k Did I Just Eat That Curriculum

This course is 4 chapters specifically designed to curb bad snacking habits by introducing new and enjoyable habits that are sustainable - helping you reach your fitness goals.


"Heather is clear, concise and gives great examples"

- Laura Harder, Virtual Assistant



  • Here’s the plan to get your snacking back on track. 

Chapter 1

  • How to Stop Snacking and Feeling Guilty - 4 Step Process

  • Creating Joyful, Exciting and Motivating Alternatives to Snacking

Chapter 2

  • How to Stop Mindless/Impulsive Eating

Chapter 3

  • Why You Can’t Stop at One Bite - Food Industry Trickery ​​​

Chapter 4 - EXTRAS!

  • How to Eat Healthy, Quick 

  • 10 Quick Healthy Snacks 

  • How to Simplify Your Nutrition 

  • A Plan for When Your Nutrition Sucks 

  • 6 Get Fit and Energized 

  • 3 Energy Boosting Ingredients 

  • 5 Simple Strategies to Getting Fit and Making It Last 

  • How to Accelerate Your Results 



"I Still Don't Know"

"I was afraid of trying yet another thing and failing at it too. 

The examples are very relatable to me, the process works and actually gets me into a logical place where I can make a better choice with a plan".

(Lori Hudson) ​


"I was already mad at myself and afraid to try something new that will just make me angrier when I inevitably fail at this too.


Through this course I realized I can find a better way to get the same experience I want from my food choices. 


The examples in the videos are relatable to me, they helped me get myself into a logical place when I can make a better choice with a plan, and having the snack ideas attached to the course is super helpful.


I would recommend this course, I think a lot of women I know eat mindlessly and would like to change that."


Lori Hudson  

"I knew I was eating too much chocolate and I was mad about it.  I knew if I kept going this way it was going to be a problem.  

I wanted control over a habit, an understanding of why am I doing this? and what I am going to next time?  This course is super helpful with the whole process.  Snacking is much less of an obstacle, the tools make my brain feel like I’ve already succeeded.  If I don’t use the entire process I fall back into the old habit.

I've lost weight and I feel really good at the size I am now".

Janet Wilson - Personal Concierge, TimeSquared


"Originally I was worried about committing the time to myself to complete this course, but it turned out to be an easy fit in.  ​

I would absolutely recommend this course.  I realized there was a combination of reasons I was snacking, and it made me aware of things I hadn't even considered.  I was able to narrow down what snacks I actually enjoy eating, and what connection they have for me with no guilt!  

Through these worksheets I've been able to better understand my habits, and create a plan to REALLY enjoy my snacks without feeling guilty and, realize the things I don't actually enjoy.

I've implemented a VERY doable plan and I'm really excited about adding the other things from this course into my life.

Heather gives a great deal with this course and I truly appreciate it, it turned out to be enlightening in ways I hadn't even considered.

Amanda Gammel - Event Director/Assistant Sales Manager

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If you're worried this isn't going to work


If you're worried you don’t have time

If you fear not being able to snack again

"I was worried that I wouldn't be able to commit the time to myself to complete it. It turned out to be an easy fit it."

(Amanda Gammel)

"I used to just grab handfuls of chocolate and shove it in my mouth. After working through Why The F@#k Did I Just Eat That, I don't always need or want the chocolate anymore, but when I do, I'm choosy about it and it's actually a calming ritual that I truly enjoy".

(Janet Wilson - Times Squared Personal Concierge)