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Why The F@#k Did I Just Eat That?


Do you feel like if you could just stop snacking you'd be able to lose weight? In as little as 2 hours, you can reduce your snacking by up to 90%. "I used to just grab handfuls of chocolate and shove it in my mouth." If you’ve ever thought to yourself: ​ “If I could just stop snacking I’d be able to lose weight.” Or “I eat well during the day, but I can’t help snacking when I get home.” Or “I’m eating and I’m not even hungry. I have no will power” Or "Why The F@%k Did I Just Eat That" is a step by step method to giving you back control over your snacking, by making thoughtful, reasonable, and smart choices so you can lose weight and be happier. This course doesn’t teach you to remove snacks you enjoy from your diet like chocolate or chips, it helps you find ways to enjoy them without feeling guilty. With this course, you’ll uncover why you snack and come out with strategies to manage your snacking in the long term! "I've lost weight and I feel really good at the size I am now". Participants have lost up to 5 pounds in 4 weeks just from reducing snacking. I wanted control over a habit, an understanding of why am I doing this? and what I am going to next time? This course is super helpful with the whole process. Snacking is much less of an obstacle, If I don’t use the entire process I fall back to old habits. Gain control over your snacking NOW!

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