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Discover Your Full Fitness Potential And Eat Cupcakes.

You've been working out for a while and have maintained a physique you've been happy with for the most part.  There's some area's you wonder if you could tweak a little more and you wonder "how good could I really look?"

This 16 week program will give you tools to discover how lean you can really  get without adding more gym time, doing crazy amounts of cardio or a competition diet.


  • 8 Bi-weekly private coaching sessions

  • A systematic approach to getting leaner and more defined

  • Tools to measure your success and keep you focused on getting leaner

  • Motivational tools keep you on track

  • Get Fit Eating Guide

  • Online Course: Why The F@#k Did I Just Eat That 

You will:

√ Learn how to eat to maximize results of your workouts

√ How to sneak in your treats and still get lean and defined

√ Manage your cravings and make conscious choices

√ Enjoy The Process Without Feeling Deprived Or Low On Energy

√ Have The Tools To Maintain Results

√ Get the best training program to getting lean and defined

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