Get Fit, Eat Cupcakes


How To Get Fit And Eat Cupcakes!

With My FREE 3-Step System 

You’re hungry... or maybe you’re not. Regardless, you open the fridge, glance down at the crisper, and you know the healthy salad stuff is in there… it’s been there since you got all the groceries to start your new meal plan (which was a few days ago).  As you scan the rest of the fridge for some better looking options, you think “I should just make a salad”... and then you pull out the bread to make toast and peanut butter or whatever else you tend to go to.

Or maybe you have been thinking all day of hitting the gym. It keeps getting pushed back and pushed back and then finally at the end of the day, you slump on the couch, turn on Netflix, and make a promise to yourself that you'll go tomorrow (just like you did the night before). 


You want to eat healthy and exercise, and you also you even make a plan to do so, but you can’t stick to anything.  You’ve tried to stop eating treats, quit drinking, start eating more veggies, eat cleaner, start working out …but it just never seems to stick.  


Frustrated; you start to believe that maybe you’ll just never get to where you want to be…


I know… I’ve been there and so have many of my clients.  Even though I’m able to keep a fairly consistent workout and eating routine, there have been times in my life where I struggle to keep it going. The last time I couldn’t stick to anything, it went on for months.  It bothered me so much I had to get to the bottom of it.  


I kept trying to set the same goals over and over every time, and they usually were in the frame of "stop eating pizza", "stop drinking", "stop baking and STOP EATING CUPCAKES!".  Finally I took a look at all things I was telling myself I should do and asked myself...


"What if I didn't have to stop eating treats or drinking in order to lose weight"?


I created a new way of setting goals that didn't involve cutting anything out.  This new method has not only kept me committed and maintaining my weight and fitness, it's helped my clients lose weight and keep it off too!

I'm offering you my FREE 3-Step System to getting fit and being confident and consistent with your health goals!


Here are some testimonials about my FREE 3-STEP System (because I know if you're going to give that email away it better be worth it):

 “I had been setting the same goals week after week and always failing. After Heather ran me through this new way of setting goals, I felt like my goals were totally doable and I’ve actually stuck to my nutrition goal for over 3 months now.”


“I kept feeling like a total failure, wondering why it seemed everyone else was able to stick to goals and I couldn’t, once I set goals using the 3-Step System, I felt proud of myself for sticking to my goals, and realized that in fact I wasn’t a lost cause, I just needed to find a way that was right for me.”


If you want to be fit, confident and consistent with your health and fitness sign up NOW!