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Get Fit Eat Cupcakes Accelerated!

You fit into either of the following categories:


1.  Long hiatus from workouts, and nutrition?....well, yeah they both could use some work.  You have up to 40 pounds to lose.

If you can relate to a few of these statements, you're in the right place:


  • I'm tired of feeling tired

  • I hate that I come home and lay around like a lazy @#$%

  • I want to have the energy to do things I like!

  • I don't want to be all "hardcore" again.

  • I want to eat foods that taste good

  • I do NOT want to go on a diet, they just...ugh.

  • I don't want to feel deprived​

  • I want to feel better in my clothes again


2.  Weight loss stagnancy - You exercise and you eat fairly healthy but you've hit this plateau and have been there for a while, you can't seem to get past it to lose those last 10-15 pounds.

  • I've been so good with with my workouts and eating, but nothing is changing.​

  • Maybe this is just how I'm going to be, maybe it's genetics

  • I should be seeing more results​

  • I don't want to cut more things out of my diet

  • I just want to get back to the weight I felt good at

This 24 week fitness and nutrition coaching program will get you fitting back into those favourite clothes, back to a weight you felt best at, have you feeling energized, successful and confident about maintaining it!


  • Private dashboard access to 9 Modules to get you Confident in starting back, give you the exercises and food choices you need to to start losing weight without overhauling your diet.

  • Get Fit Eating Guide -  What to eat and when to maximize results 

  • Over a dozen home workouts broken into lower body, upper body and core 

  • Get Fit Workout Guide 

  • 12 Bi-weekly Private Coaching Sessions

You Will:

√ Start feeling more energized, lose weight and get past that plateau 

√ Learn Exactly When To Eat The Carbs You Love And Still Get Fit

√ Learn The Right Exercises To Gain More Definition

√ Keep Your Nutrition Plan Simple And Enjoyable

√ Enjoy The Foods You Love And Get Lean 

√ Snack Consciously And Get Fit

√ Stay Consistent and Motivated To Reach Your Goals

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