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Get Fit Eat Cupcakes Lite - How to put yourself first with fitness and nutrition.

What's Included:

  • 12 Biweekly Private Coaching Sessions​​​​ 

  • Private dashboard access to modules including video and pdf tutorials.​​

  • How To Get Motivated To Exercise When You Really Don't Feel Like It.

  • How To Eat Healthy When You Have ZERO Desire.


  • How To Stay Consistent Once You've Started With Nutrition And Exercise Routines. 

  • What Foods To Pair Together For Weight Loss.


You Will:


√ Learn Why You Set Goals And Don't Follow Through With Them.

√ Enjoy The Foods You Love And Still Lose Weight.

√ Be Confident In The Goals You Set

√ Be Empowered And Motivated To Keep Going

√ Start Honouring The Commitments You Make To Yourself​​.


"I wasn't feeling positive about myself or my fitness goals.  I was focusing on the negatives all the time.  Heather's program gave me the direction I needed and a way to fire myself up.  Now I feel empowered and I start each day with a purposeful plan, and I'm losing inches!"

Lori Hudson


"Lose Weight Eat Cupcakes helped me finally stick to a program when I always felt like I couldn't.  I finally feel hopeful about my future and focused on getting there."

Susanne Taylor


"I now take on my  health as an exciting challenge when before it felt forced.  I have a new sense of commitment to myself as a result of starting "Lose Weight Eat Cupcakes."

Andrea Manning

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