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Are You Frustrated That You're Not Getting The Results You Want?

You've been fairly consistent with your workouts and nutrition
but you still aren't happy, you want more results. 
If any of the following statements  sounds like you,
you're on the right page:

  • "I'm doing lots of cardio but I still have this layer of fat"

  • "I'm doing all these squats and lunges
    but my legs still look the same"

  • "I work out on my core all the time and still have this pudge"

  • "I can't seem to lose any more weight"

  • "I can't seem to tone my mid section"

  • "Maybe this is just how I'm going to look"

  • "I'm doing all of this for nothing"

It's okay to feel the way you do, and it's not your fault you aren't getting the results you want.  You're doing the best you can... with the knowledge you have, but that's just it, you only have enough knowledge to get you where you are RIGHT NOW, what you new knowledge, the kind to get to the next level.


Do You Have Stubborn
Target Area's? 
2 Things You Could Be Missing

Consider the workout program you've been doing as the basic pizza dough you've been making for a while,


Yes I transitioned to pizza, because why wouldn't someone want to read about pizza?


The recipe you have produces a crust which you were happy with initially, but then you go from being happy to just okay with it, because... you were at Chris and Sarah's place for Pizza last week and damn do they make a good crust, and so you realize you're not getting certain things from your current recipe.  Your recipe produces a thicker the crust than you want, it's missing the pockets of air and it's not moist, and that's what you really want! 

You want Chris and Sarah's Pizza Crust!  A pizza crust that's thin, slightly crispy, moist and airy!

You start looking at recipes and realize...there's WAY more than you thought involved and now you have a decision to make, keep using the recipe you know, or...start reading to learn more.

So what do you do?

You start to research how to get the crust you really want, and upon your research, you realize this topic is BIG,

way bigger than you thought, there's a lot to know about dough! 


You find an article about the different kinds of crusts, like Sicilian and New York, then you read about Neapolitan pizza crust.


"That's it, that's the exact crust I want" 


You see now that you've been using the wrong flour. You thought "all purpose" was fine, but no no, it's not.

(Dough nerd out moment below)


What you need is "00" because, the protein content (apparently matters) in "00" is slightly higher and allows the dough to be stretched out more to give you that thinner crust, and you'll need to let that dough sit too, for at least 12 hours. (before you get all disappointed and sigh, there are some really good faster recipes)

Huh...who knew such preciseness was necessary to achieve a perfect result?


That fitness program you're doing is no different, preciseness matters.

Take your glutes for example, let's say you want a better shaped butt, well there are 3 parts to them glutes, do you know which parts you need to work on?

If you do, do you know what position your feet need to be in to target that part of the glute?

What about your arms? Do you know what movement pattern, including hand position will target the exact area you want to improve?

It's okay if you don't know these things, because why would you?  These aren't the usual pieces of information that pop up in an google search, but now you know there's more to it.

Without an understanding of these fine details you'll continue to make a basic pizza dough.  But if you want to start down the road of perfecting your Neapolitan pizza crust lets go!

Book a consult to find out how to get past that plateau!

Miss #1.
Your Exercises Aren't Precise Enough

Book A Consult

Miss #2.
You've Cut This One Nutrient
Out Of Your Diet

People make one huge mistake when trying to get more definition, they cut out Carbohydrates completely.


The kind of workout you're doing dictates the kind of food you need to eat afterwards.  It's not difficult to get results when you know what to eat and when to eat. 


Often, what many of my clients eat is fine, it's the time they eat a particular food that matters.  

For example, there's definitely a time to eat a carb and a time not to eat a carb, watch this video if you want to see better results and you've been cutting carbs.

Why You Won't See Results By Cutting Carbs

Now that you understand carbs can in fact be your best friend,
you might be wondering what else you don't know.

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Get Past That Plateau!

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You Will Get:

√ Precise exercises for your target areas

√ Nutrition guidance on how to eat around your workouts to        maximize fat loss

√  The ideal nutrient targets for your goals (which of course still includes your fav foods)

√ The ideal reps, sets, rest and intensity to get muscle definition

√ Tools to stay motivated, inspired and consistent for the long haul.

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