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“Why Can’t I Just…Eat Healthy And

Stick To A F@#king Exercise Plan Already?”

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You’ve been trying to get back to your “former fitter self”, so you make yet another new plan…which goes something like this: “I’m cutting out bread, going to the gym 4 times a week for 45 minutes, taking salad everyday for lunch, and having no dessert"!


Even though your head says “Ya, ya, we can totally do this” let’s be COMPLETELY HONEST here…

Bread is delicious! 4 days is a lot, 45 minutes is a long fucking time, salad can get pretty damn boring, and NO Dessert? Like zip, zero, ziltch???


Ummm, okay, sure those choices will definitely trim you down, but…are they “actually” realistic? I mean all of them? At the same time?? Because chances are you’ve set similar goals to these before and haven’t been able to keep it going… which is why you may not have seen the changes you would have liked. 


So what’s the deal? How come you could commit to some of those before, but not now?


When you believe that you should be able to maintain the same level of dedication to your fitness and nutrition when your circumstances change, you’ve set yourself up for failure.



Priorities shift, and there’s nothing wrong with your fitness and eating routine to have to shift too, which means dialing back the amount of time you dedicate to it. Now, this doesn’t mean your fitness and nutrition isn’t important, it just means you have other things that need your attention right now. Like anything in life, priorities shift depending on the circumstances and everything, including your fitness and nutrition routine, is up for re-evaluation.


The biggest problem is that even when you think you’re being realistic, with your fitness and nutrition plans, you’re actually not! Which is why you can’t seem to stick to any plan!


You need to come up with a plan that’s “actually" realistic for your life... the way your life is right now!


The easy part is; you’re just going to take all the things you think are “realistic” and adjust them with one simple formula, and you’ll be committed to it because it’s going to make you say “OMG I can totally do that”!


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