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Get Fit Eat Cupcakes Lite -

Weight loss in Edmonton for people who want simple, sustainable, long lasting results.


"Heather helped me stay on track with things I committed to do for myself. I have learned a lot about nutrition, exercise and staying motivated and how all of these work together.  Her tools and resources are easy to follow, and highly practical. I would highly recommend working with Heather."

- Sunanda Bhattacharya

Heather Layton is a weight loss trainer in Edmonton.

Do you struggle putting yourself first with fitness and nutrition?


Does this sound like you?

  • You haven’t put yourself first in a long time because eveerrryone needs you.

  • You aren’t happy with how you look and how you feel but you haven't exactly been able to make time for working on that.

  • You've gained weight, feel tired and unhappy.

  • You’ve been inconsistent with healthy eating and workouts.

  • You’ve seen results in the past but couldn’t sustain them.


You aren't alone.  Life happens, other things become a priority and that's no ones fault.  Yes, it was never supposed to go on this long, but here you are now, with a desire to start working on your health again.

Get fit, confident, strong, bring back the joy and be consistent from now on with our 24 week online coaching program.


“This program teaches you to look at your life in a new light, and gives you the tools you need to achieve things in so many areas." 

- Mimsical Photography - Edmonton 


Our "Get Fit Eat Cupcakes Lite" private coaching and online course helps you create habits for long lasting success.


  • Learn why you lack follow through with healthy eating and fitness

  • Use a step by step approach to setting all goals in your life that can give you a 90% success rate.

  • Learn about flexible dieting and how to implement it for a completely sustainable nutrition plan

  • Look at foods as being all equal and learn how to put them into your diet in a wise, reasonable and enjoy way

  • Implement small changes that give you significant results.

  • Utilize numerous tools to increase your motivation in minutes.

  • Make putting yourself first on Autopilot.


This course will leave you with a solid understanding of how you need to structure your workouts and nutrition to ensure success and long lasting results, which is what makes this program one of the best weight loss programs in Edmonton.

"Heather is an awesome nutritional coach! She has taught me how to balance my regular food intake while still enjoying the treats that I love to eat and drink! I have struggled with putting the right foods in my body to achieve the results my whole adult life. I now feel confident selecting my foods everyday because I know how to balance them no matter what the challenges of the day are going to be"

-Danielle Soneff

Increase adherence to fitness and nutrition plans up to 90% with our proven coaching method!

What's Included

Access anywhere you have an internet connection

Work at your own pace

Downloadable PDFS 


Written and video content

Motivational videos with supplemental tools

6 Months of private coaching for accountability, motivation, information, and support.

Plus, get instant access to:

The Flexible Dieting Method


3-Step System to boost success rate up to 90%


Keep Nutrition Simple - The Back-Up plan for when your meal plan falls apart


The Get Fit Eating Guide including recipes an snacks


The Quick List Guide - a reference list to pairing the right foods together

Get Fit Eat Cupcakes Lite

The online portion of course is 2 Modules, specifically designed to build consistency with nutrition and fitness routines, by introducing new, and enjoyable habits that are sustainable.  

Participants have increased their adherence to healthy eating and regular exercises as much as 90%.  The average fluctuation of weight gain is reduced from 18% to 4%.


"Heather is clear, concise and gives great examples"

- Laura Harder, Virtual Assistant

Module 1 - Building motivation, consistency and confidence.

  • 1.1 Why You Set Goals And Don't Do Them - How to get confidence back to setting goals (34 min)

  • 1.2 3 Steps To Setting Goals You Will Actually Stick To (33 min)

  • 1.3A Feel all over the place? How to get direction back in your life, fitness and nutrition. (7 min)

  • 1.3B Overwhelmed, Don't Know Where To Start? How to take action with confidence and ease (16 min)

  • 1.3C Worried You Won't Follow Through? How to stay accountable to yourself (15 min)

  • 1.4 Losing Desire To Keep Going? 2 Methods To Re-Energize You (22 min)

Module 2 - Nutrition: How to get fit and eat cupcakes

  • 2.1 Introduction To Flexible Eating Part 1. (25 min)


  • 2.2 Introduction To Flexible Eating Part 2. (11 min)

  • 2.3 Quick List - A reference list to pairing the right foods together (1 min)

  • 2.4 How To Get Fit And Eat Cupcakes - Flexible Eating Guide (2 min)

  • 2.5 My fitness pal for Flexible Dieting - Quick Start Tutorial 1 (25 min)

  • 2.6 My fitness pal forFlexible Dieting - Quick Start Tutorial Part 2 (8 min)

  • 2.7 The back-up plan for when your meal plan falls apart (download)

  • 2.8 10 Super Simple Snacks - For when you just need simple (download)

  • 2.9 Daily Progress Tracker (7 min)

How Do I Get Started?

Course Outline

- Mimsical Photography

Google Reviews!

"It appears so easy that you might even think it can't possibly work - but when you sit down and go through the process I was blown away by the deep and far-reaching impact that the worksheets had. They're perfect!"

- Mimsical Photography

"I have been a person who is a chronic dieter. I have tried everything and found that the weight came off, the weight came back, and I did not reach my fitness goals. I have researched a lot and it is a hobby of mine to learn about different techniques to lose weight and lift weights. I felt that I was doing fine on my own but wasn’t getting the results I wanted. That is what led me to seek help from Heather. “Get Fit and Eat Cupcakes” is what grabbed my attention. How could I eat cupcakes and get fit? I was intrigued so I set up a free call with Heather. I really like her approach to food and exercise, so I signed up. She brought me to new levels of weightlifting and helped me to achieve results. I enjoyed her diet plan but most of all her work with me with life coaching improved every aspect of my life. I would recommend Heather to anyone who needs to learn a lifelong approach to being healthy both physically and mentally. She makes you love yourself and show compassion to yourself. If you are on the fence, jump to her side and take the chance, you will not be disappointed! She is a wonderful and caring coach."

- Marcie Roach

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