Being Stranded Makes You Think About What's Really Important, Including Your Fitness And Eating Plan

Being Stranded Makes You Think About What's Really Important, Including Your Fitness And Eating Plan

Being stranded is a first for me, although it’s only been a one day delay many flights have been cancelled and it makes me think about what it would be like if the Man and I weren’t as fortunate to know people we can stay with here in Victoria if we get delayed longer (and it doesn’t look good, it’s still snowing like crazy and these costal cities aren’t equipped to handle it swiftly so we might be couch surfing it with my cousins tonight).

We were able to pay for another nights stay at our hotel, but those costs quickly add up, and for people who are already at the airport, all those airport hotels are now fully booked. Reports said that the shops at the airport were closing early, what would those people do for food? Sure you can sleep on the floor, which I would absolutely do, but to be hungry? I don’t deal well with that, I can’t think, make decisions and I am an absolute B-I-T-C-H to be around.

So what’s my point? A lot of things go through a persons mind and need to be addressed when something unexpected happens and, priorities need to shift.

For me, the most pressing thing was “is our Cat okay”? Yes, he’s being spoiled by his Grandparents, who will get him more food when he runs out because I didn’t think to send extra. Thankfully we didn’t kennel our little guy; otherwise there might be either more costs, or no availability to extend his stay. I am also concerned about the house and water damage on the hardwood floors from the window condensation (being -30ºC at home does cause problems), but there’s nothing I can do about that, just hope that the towels I set out on the floor aren’t getting too soaked.

All of this does make me think about doing things differently next time, like sending extra food for the Cat, putting a lock box out side the house so at anytime someone has access to check in on the house.

The unexpected travel delay is an interruption in work, finances, comfort, eating and workout routines.

We have family here that we can stay with so our pocket book won’t take a severe hit and we’ll be more comfortable than hanging out in an airport, we can both get work done because we can do a lot just with a laptop (which we never travel without and that’s totally fine).

Did I drop my fitness routine?

Yes. It’s not a priority right now, I’ve had a cold, and I don’t have the gear for either indoor or outdoor activity because I assumed that we’d be walking everywhere; the forecast didn’t call for a snow storm.

Did I drop my eating routine?

As I ask this question, I wonder what my routine really is? I suppose my routine is this:

· Get some fruits and veggies in with most meals throughout the day

· Eat thoughtfully and listen to my satiety signal

· Have a drink I will truly enjoy

· Listen to my taste buds with dessert

So am I doing all of that? Nope not really, I'm into comfort, which means carbs, cheese, meat, and stuff like that. I know I've been eating more than I really need but not at every meal.

Am I okay with that?

Yes actually. If I come back with a few more pounds it's okay given I didn't workout. My routine will go back to normal as soon as I get home, which is hopefully tonight.

I’m just happy that T and I are safe here in Victoria and the rest of our family, including our little Pharaoh, is safe at home because that's what really

matters most during this current situation.

There’s no point stressing about fitness, eating, finances or whatever else until you can actually do something about it, which includes being ready to do something about it.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones the best way you can in whatever moment of difficulty you find yourself in, you and they are all that truly matters, you'll get back to your routine when you can.



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