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Procrastinating? - After Reading This You Won't Be.

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

I had a goal, but part of reaching that goal required me to sit my ass down and learn something specific, and I DID NOT... WANT TO LEARN IT. The end of result of learning would relieve my stress greatly and I had the time, but ZERO motivation to do it.

This was the conversation in my mind (I’m sure you can relate in some your own way):

Me “Ugh, I don’t want to do this, this isn’t fun”.

Also Me “I know it’s not fun, but how could you make it more enjoyable to do?

Me “Huh…well, I guess if I made myself a coffee, went outside on the deck and sat in the sun it would be more enjoyable.

Me again “Well super then, lets’ go”

So “me” and “also me” went out to the deck with a coffee, arranged the cushions in a comfortable and visually pleasing way and learned what I needed to learn. Even though the learning wasn’t fun, and I can’t say that I “enjoyed” doing it, it was comfortable enough for me to do it. I implemented what I needed and reached my goal to move my business forward, by using my MOST RELIABLE METHOD:

Creating An Inspiring Atmosphere

Sometimes you need to create the atmosphere that inspires and motivates you, sometimes it’s a complete reno, new paint colour, other times it much simpler like opening the blinds or window, lighting a candle, turning on some music, pouring yourself a nice glass of whatever the fuck you want.

I often use this method to help my clients get more inspired to cook at home. For me, that starts with a clean kitchen, some Frank Sinatra and a glass of wine or a cocktail as I cook, other times it’s just putting on a show to watch.

In fact, this method is translatable to everything! Even when you're putting off working out or, needing to have a not so fun conversation with your partner or kids.

Next time you find yourself avoiding a task or putting something off, ask yourself this one question and fill in the blank with what you're avoiding:

1. What would I need to make ____________________more inspiring/enjoyable?

Write the above question down and put it somewhere you'll remember to use it.


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