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How To Stick To Fitness and Nutrition Goals When You Feel Like You Just CAN'T!

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Why Can't I Just...

How many times have you made food or fitness goals with all the best intentions, only to shelve them, put them off, stop before you’ve even started, or give up part way because it’s all too hard? There’s a belief that goals should feel “hard to achieve”, but seriously, what kind of mentality is that? Sure, let’s make things in life harder, it’s not hard enough yet, right?!

Goals do NOT have to be hard to be worth it. If goals are hard, they are stressful, and stress causes quitting, and we have all been there. You take on too much, you feel yourself slipping, give up, and feel crappy about yourself because you failed. You don’t have to feel destined to fail.

There are three important things to remember here:

Simple. Small. Sustainable.

1. Keep your goals simple. The more simple you make your goals, the easier they become to implement, and soon they become a habit.

2. Keep your goals small. They couldn’t build Rome in a day. The new you is going to take time. Small but regular steps will keep you moving in the right direction, and for each small step the chance of success is that much higher. There is nothing more motivating than feeling like you’re already successful.

3. Make your goals sustainable. Cutting out all bread straight away is unrealistic if you’re used to a slice per day. It’s too hard to keep up that much change, and soon enough you will be back feeling like you’ve failed. Don’t do it to yourself!

Life is hard enough without setting fitness and food goals that are hard too. I have designed a system that redefines how to set goals for food and fitness. You are more likely to succeed simply because your goals feel achievable; it feels easy, and they are more realistic.

You work too damn hard to feel like a failure, and with my simple 3 step system, you will get fit, and be confident and consistent with your goals! download the FREE video and worksheet now!


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