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One Phrase To End "Ugh, I should skip this workout"

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

In a matter of minutes there is one phase that has helped me go from wanting to skip my workout, to getting it in.

I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to bail on my workout, like right now! It's Upper Body and Core day, and I'm totally un-motived. Sometimes I do bail, but today that doesn't feel right.

So how will I get myself down to the gym? By using the fill in the blank.

I will workout if.........(this answer has to perk me up and inspire to do it)

Here are some things I've used in the past:

I will workout if, I can watch TV

I will workout if, I can eat a pastry after (yes I'm food motivated, and I'm okay with that)

I will workout if, I can stop after one set (maybe you will and maybe you won't, but at least you went)

I will workout if it only has to be 20 minutes

So what will it be today?

I will workout if, I change my routine and only do back and chest.

What will your, "I will workout if" Be?

Let me know in the comments below!

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