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Juicing; When It's A Good Idea

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Juicing; When It's A Good Idea.

People often think of juicing as being a cleanse but what the heck is a “cleanse” anyway, and why do you think you need one? Do you mean you aren’t pooping regularly? Because if you’ve been eating crappy and not crapping, than juicing will definitely help. Does your stomach feel bloated and you feel fat? Again, if you’ve been overdoing it with all the comfort food then yes, juicing will help.

But isn’t eating the actual fruit or vegetable better than juicing it?

Yes, but are you currently eating vegetables? Because drinking juice from a vegetable is still better than having no vegetable.

That term “juicing?” yeah, it means that you’re drinking juice from a juicer, it doesn’t mean all the time, everyday, and that’s all your having. Apparently “juicing” came to mean “cleanse” which meant that’s all you’re doing, just drinking juice everyday, with no other food. You don’t need to only drink juice for 3, 5 or whatever amount of days the “cleanse” you saw on the Internet said.

To “juice” doesn’t mean you have to do it because you feel you need to cleanse; I’m assuming means clean out your colon, which I’m not sure is totally necessary unless you have a lovely procedure coming up. “Juicing” could just mean that you’re sucking in the fruits and vegetable department, and have decided that the most likely way you’ll get them in is by drinking a juice.

I pulled out my juicer a couple of weeks ago after this exact conversation with a friend. She asked me what I thought, and it reminded me when, and why I use my juicer, though it had been over a year since I last used it.

I make a juice when I want to be healthier, don’t feel like cooking and I’m not getting my greens in (similar to why I make protein shakes). I make a juice for breakfast maybe lunch or afternoon snack, but I still eat regular food for my other meals and snacks. I’ll do this for a week, a month, however long I’m motivated to do it for. Juice makes my guts feel better (because I add my greens to it), gives my immunity a boost and kick starts other healthy eating habits. I use it more in the winter because our vegetable and fruit selection sucks.

There are no rules for drinking juice! If you want to be healthier by eating more fruits and vegetables and making juice seems motivating, then make one. Make 1 a day, 1 a week, it doesn’t matter, whatever feels right to you. If making a juice incorporates healthier food than you were eating before than do it, and for as long or as short as you like.

Share what you put in your juice and what it's done for you!


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Heather Layton
Heather Layton
20 de fev. de 2019

Ha, well one does get inspired by things that have happened!


‘Do you mean you’re not pooping regularly?’ 😆 ❤️ I keep reading just to see what you’ll say next.

#nofilter #honesttalk


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