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"Why am I even journaling?"

Dec 12, no wait, 13!

How is it that I actually haven’t written anything for 5 days? That does feel excessively long, and I am a bit mad at myself for not following through on my daily journaling commitment. At this very moment though,

I am confused on what my purpose for journaling really is…or was?

I can’t decide on whether this journal should be reflective of how I feel in this moment and specifically to overcome any unsettling feelings so I can focus on my company and business goals,


If I want it to be a place to just write.

Maybe at this moment it doesn’t even matter.

Maybe it’s just going to be an enjoyable way to pass time, maybe I should just roll with it, isn't that part of the purpose? To practice being present?

I have a ridiculous amount of journal entries though, like YEARS worth, it would be nice to have them more organized. Ugh, I do know I think too much, or do I?

This wasn’t my intention for this morning, but I seem to get distracted easily. I have missed blogging, but the problem I seem to face most is which blogs should I really be posting on my business website?

My brand is all about being fit, loving food and enjoying life, but would I post this particular blog on my site?

I could…after all, doing something you enjoy (i.e., writing this blog) is a very important part being consistent with fitness and nutrition, because,

"If you aren’t enjoying life, you’ll likely end up eating your feelings, getting fat and hating yourself because your clothes don’t fit".

Not to mention you’ll completely lose motivation and desire to eat better and workout which really,

"In the end is disrespecting the body and brain you’ve been given".

Hmmm, yeah that about sums it up.

Okay, well now what though? I've written all of these thoughts but, so what?

I actually haven’t workout out since I got home from vacation last week, I'm NOT okay with that…but does that mean I’m willing to do something about that today? I’m not sure…

I’m not sure because what I’m motivated to do, I physically can’t. What I want to do is run sprints on the treadmill! (Each to their own, but gawd that sounds…refreshing), but… my back is fucked as has been for months. I coooould, take a nice short 20-30 min slow run, aaand do my physio homework, but will I?

Mmmmm…still feeling a “NO” here…

Well, I will if...

I will if, I can put on an enjoyable show on the TV, maybe some silly Christmas movie?

Okay yes!

Yes, slow tread run with the Pelaton app, and physio homework to a Christmas movie, I will dooooo YOU.

"Well that reflection was insightful and unplanned".

Now, how do I wrap this up? See that’s what I would’ve done if I was writing an official blog post, wrap it up all neat and shit with something insightful and valuable to leave the readers with, but not today, this is a journal entry and it wraps with me saying to myself.

“See THIS is why I journal,

to work my way through shit that I didn’t’ even realize I wanted, or needed to work through.”

As I reflect on how I feel in this very moment, I feel pleased. I started in one place and finished in another, gained insight, motivation and joy on multiple subjects!

Where my day will go I’m not sure, but at least I enjoyed the moment.

Now off I go to dooooo


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