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"I don't want January to come and I feel fat and miserable"

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

"Big Fat January's On Itttttt's Way" - But, not for you, not this time.

Let’s talk, yes you want to enjoy all the festive foods and drinks, totally! But stick to just that! FESTIVE. Don’t’ indulge on chocolates from a box you could actually get whenever you wanted. Chocolate is IN STOCK ALWAYS!

Chocolate is IN STOCK ALWAYS!

Those cookies? Chocolate chip, gingerbread, snickerdoodle, shortbread, etc. etc. yeah unless they’re some perfected once a year really unique fucking cookie like a rum and eggnog cookie (hmmm, that’s got me wondering about looking for a recipe for that) JUST FORGET IT!

You want to honour and respect that body and mind of yours.

So indulge, but on the really important stuff that won’t make you feel guilty.

Look at that table of treats, and ask yourself,

Can I get this anytime?

]Whether that means make if yourself or get it from a store, if the answer is yes, pass.

If no, then you need to ask,

"How orgasmic and mind blowing this treat will reaaaaly be on your tastebuds and your brain?"

I like to rate my treats on a 10 scale, (or if you’re my friend he does everything out of 7 just to be different).

If you’re eyeing up something on a dessert table that you want to try, then try it, but for gawd sakes,

"Use the 2-bite rule"

Use the 2-bite rule, and small bites, none of this giant bite where you can hardly even chew everything in your mouth stuff, all you’re trying to do here is assess how your tastebuds feel about it. Take the first bite and sit with it…

What does it taste like?

Do you like it?

"If this treat isn't RFG (really fucking good) it's not worth your time, in fact, it's just not worthy of you to consume it."

If you aren’t sure if you like it, take another bite to assess, and if you still aren’t sure, just let it go because it’s obviously not grabbing your attention. If you decide you really do like it (which means it should rate pretty high on that scale) then you have a decision to make,

Is it worth finishing?


Are you moving onto the next intriguing thing on the table?

Same goes for the booze, pass on the table wine, regular cocktails you can make anytime and opt for the special guest list.

Christmas dinner? Again, same. Potatoes, my friends are another “always in season” food, so there is no reason for overdoing it on the potats unless the person who is making them does a stupid amazing job and you know you will not be replicating them.

I guarantee you, approach all holidays and even vacations with this mindset to food and alcohol and you will have less guilt, less weight gain, more joy and remain fit every time!


Heather Layton – Fitness and Nutrition Coach


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